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          CredAble deploys large scale liquidity programs for enterprise supply chains, develops innovative supply chain financing products, builds technology to scale these solutions and acts as a market maker within the client’s supply chain ecosystems. These capabilities are at the core of the company’s supply chain finance offerings which are custom designed to address business problems experienced by enterprise clients.

          “ CredAble’s raison d’être is to empower YOU to create growth for YOUR future generations. CredAble is Your Supply Chain Investment Bank”

          Says Nirav Choksi, Co-founder and CEO when addressing the supply chain eco-systems of CredAble’s enterprise client base. He adds further that “at CredAble, this value of empowering for growth permeates CredAble’s business, its culture and all that we do as people, both professionally and personally.”

          Timely availability of working capital can have a multiplier effect on economic growth. Availability of funding within supply chain ecosystems has been quite a challenge and needs to be re-imagined in efforts to move people and communities forward.

          CredAble’s programs cover the entire supply chain and are anchored around enterprise clients. Funding is linked to supply chain transactions with suppliers (representing the client’s trade payables) and with the client’s customers (representing receivables). Below is a representative set of liquidity programs which CredAble deploys within an enterprise supply chain eco system.

          Early Payment Program for Suppliers enables suppliers irrespective of size and bankability to get early payments against their invoices in exchange for a discount. The payment for invoices can be funded through an enterprise client’s treasury or through participating banking partners. Funding provided to suppliers in connection with outstanding invoices is off balance sheet and does not change the trade payable nature of the invoice for enterprise buyers. Enterprise clients benefit from procurement cost savings each time a supplier receives an early payment.

          Just in Time (JIT) Financing enables suppliers to be paid prior to the invoicing stage. Payments are triggered by ‘milestones’ or ‘billable’ events being completed prior to the invoicing stage. Funding provided to suppliers during the pre-invoice stage is financed by CredAble’s NBFC and through the CredAble Financial Ecosystem partners.

          The Distributor Receivables Funding Program (DFX) is a built-to-suit solution for enterprise clients and offers an off-balance sheet and scalable solution to monetize distributor receivables while distributors may opt to extend credit periods. The program maximizes distribution network coverage, streamlines the dealer onboarding process and lowers cost of funds through a multi-funder model.

          The company continues to innovate within the supply chain finance ecosystem in efforts to address unique business challenges.

          CredAble’s technology, market making and capital syndication capabilities are a driving force for its business.

          CredAble’s technology platform has been configured to deliver a wide range of supply chain finance transactions. CredAble’s platform architecture allows the Company to implement and customise any working capital product. Liquidity program delivery through a technology led platform enables a versatile range of client applications, ease of use and implementation, market leading functionalities and robust security. The platform has outstanding reporting capabilities and unparalleled flexibility to work with virtually any ERP system. CredAble fields specialist teams of market engagement specialists, financial institution coverage professionals and capital markets specialists. These capabilities help drive transaction volumes and 3rd party capital availability within individual enterprise-anchored liquidity programs.

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