Is your working capital gap impeding your growth today?三江棋牌苹果下载

Some challenges are common among service operators in our targeted ecosystems三江棋牌苹果下载

  • Lengthy receivables cycles from clients
  • Significant mismatch in timing of your receivables and payables cycles
  • Payments to ‘sub-vendors’ typically need to be made upfront and exert pressure on working capital
  • Limited access to traditional lending and process fatigue from application requirements

Pre-invoice stage financing for operators could bridge the gap in timing between payment obligations and client receivables三江棋牌苹果下载

Just-In-Time Financing Program三江棋牌苹果下载

  • The Just-In-Time program provides collateral free financing to suppliers
  • Financing is triggered based on occurrence of 'billable' events which can include process milestones such as issuance of PODs
  • Our ‘TravelX’ digital platform automates the financing and tracking process for a specific use case in the transport and logistics sector
  • The platform can be customized for similar ecosystems with mismatched receivables and payable cycles
  • Financial risks are managed using our proprietary credit assessment algorithms

Our sector focus features the following eco-systems

Employee Transportation三江棋牌苹果下载
Facility Management三江棋牌苹果下载
Raw Materials三江棋牌苹果下载

How It Works三江棋牌苹果下载

Client Assessment三江棋牌苹果下载

CredAble has a robust appraisal process to evaluate credit quality based on assessment of the client

Funding Process三江棋牌苹果下载

Funding milestones and payment frequency can be customized to suit an operator’s requirements

Funding milestones may comprise of any of the following  LR, E-Way, GRN, POD or client approved MIS

Payment frequencies could be daily, weekly or monthly

Collection Process三江棋牌苹果下载

Unlike traditional lending institutions, the JIT program is not an interest-led financing program

CredAble works as a partner to operators and deploys a revenue-share model